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New Iveco Eurocargo: design meets functionality
Truck design is new but the essentials remainWith the new Iveco Eurocargo, truck design is putting on its best face.

The new cab is modern and practical, fully expressing the vehicle’s energetic character.

The shape of the new deflectors highlights the large brand name in the centre. With its UV filter screen, the windscreen offers excellent protection, without the negative aerodynamic impact of an exterior sunshade.

The new bumper provides a step to access the windscreen for cleaning while also housing the AEBS radar. The new headlamp cluster, with LED Daytime Running Lights (as standard), is  available with Xenon headlights.

The doors feature the new badge with the Eurocargo logo and the initials identifying the model.

Design meets functionality. It's been developed on the back of an in-depth study in aerodynamics – such as, for example, the new air deflectors which guide the flow of air guaranteeing the door handle stays clean.

The new Eurocargo is the best city truck: the perfect vehicle for door-to-door deliveries, for missions across town and for any other kind of transport in the city centres.

Thanks to its ideal cab width (2.1 m), its large steering angle (52 degrees) and the best turning circle in its category (just under 11 metres for the 2790 mm wheelbase version), it is perfect for tasks in urban areas.

A comfortable office on the move
Comfort and ergonomics at new levels

The new Eurocargo truck takes comfort and ergonomics to new levels.

The steering wheel controls enable the driver to use the radio and phone in complete safety. The vehicle also features new, more ergonomic controls for the climate control, lights and automatic gearbox.

Everything has its place on the new Iveco Eurocargo, within arm’s reach: it now features more storage compartments for items and documents, special compartments for cards and a hanging rail on the back wall of the cab.

The driver’s side console houses two practical bottle holders, a 12 V power socket and an option for a compressed air socket.

The new Eurocargo truly is an office on the move. The new mobile office with a capacity of 20 litres (available with single passenger seat) can house a laptop or tablet; it also features a reading light and is equipped with side storage pockets and two USB connectors for charging electronic devices. A comfortable work space can also be created by opening the upper deck.

The new design extends to the interior which is equipped with seats trimmed with an in electrowelded fabric; there is a new “high-comfort” air suspension driver’s seat, available upon request, with a fully adjustable backrest, height-adjustable seat belt, dual density upholstery, heating and ventilation.

An armrest is available as an optional extra for all air-suspended seats.

Ideal for urban missions, the new Eurocargo guarantees easy cross cab access. The linear dashboard and the compact dimensions of the engine tunnel allows the driver to easily leave the vehicle from either the right or the left.

The new 2015 Eurocargo truck: efficiency and performance
Diesel fuel consumption reduced by up to 8%

The new 2015 Iveco Eurocargo: another step on the road to improving truck efficiency.

The latest generation Tector 5 and 7 engines use low-viscosity engine oil which reduces friction, increases performances and extends the maintenance intervals.

Other special features have been introduced across the entire engine range; these features are particularly important on high-traffic missions where competitiveness depends on the cost of ownership:

- the electronically controlled two-speed electromagnetic fan clutch which is engaged or disengaged according to the cooling requirements

- the EcoRoll feature, introduced on the 12-speed gearbox, takes advantage of the vehicle’s inertia and automatically shifts the gearbox in/out of neutral to reduce consumption in various  situations (e.g. downhill slopes)

- the EcoSwitch (available on all 6- to 12-speed automated gearboxes) reprogrammes the gear change logic for maximum truck efficiency. When switched on by the driver, the EcoSwitch feature activates the speed limiter, deactivates the kick-down function, and only authorises automatic gear changes.

These new devices (and the use of a new, low-viscosity rear axle oil) mean the new Iveco Eurocargo reduces diesel fuel consumption by up to 8% on the urban deliveries.

The new Eurocargo truck protects the driver and the load
Eurocargo truck Safety features

The new Eurocargo truck protects the driver and the load: in addition to its robustness, the vehicle is now also equipped with a steering wheel airbag – a brand new safety feature. Active safety is also improved, due to new electronic devices installed (as standard) as part of the driver assistance system.

The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) will warn the driver if the vehicle makes an unwanted departure from the lane. The camera mounted on the windscreen means the system can recognise the road markings and will sound an alarm if the vehicle changes lane without the driver signalling.

In addition to the Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC), the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) helps to avoid accidents caused when the driver is distracted.

The system measures the distance from the vehicle in front, and calculates the time of a potential collision; a double warning system is then triggered before the brakes are actuated.

In the event of a moving obstacle, the system intervenes automatically, reducing the speed to 32 km/h to avoid impact. In the case of a fixed obstacle, the system can prevent and moderate the impact by reducing the speed by 10 km/h. Warning: the AEBS does not guarantee that you will avoid collisions and it cannot eliminate the risks of driving without due care and attention.

These new devices mean the new Eurocargo meets the requirements of the new legislation with effect from November 2015 (Commission Regulation EU 347/2012).

The new safety features do not stop there. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) adjusts the speed by maintaining the distance from the vehicle in front. To do this, it uses the same AEBS radar (with a range of 120 metres) to intervene automatically, first by reducing torque, then by actuating the engine brake and, finally, the service brake.

To improve driving safety and visibility, it is equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) as standard. Xenon headlights are also available upon request. The steering wheel controls for audio and Bluetooth™ devices promote road safety and enable the driver to focus their attention on the road.